Polymetrik #2

Samstag, 15:00 Uhr, party

presented by Valian Kollektiv

Polymetrik #2

Hey guys,
we're proud to present the second round of the Polymetrik techno party series at Spartacus Potsdam! The sun will shine bright so we are starting earlier this time and blend day and night into one big party. The open air will take place at 3 pm in the area of freiLand Potsdam. There will be a selection of tasty vegan food and drinks that fit right into the summer weather and a few installations and works of art, as well. After 7 hours of dancing, eating and chilling we’re heading into the Spartacus, where the music gets faster and heavier.

We´re very excited and expect a good vibe, lots of love, happiness, tolerance and fun.

> Artists:

Akmê (://about party)
a DJ from Potsdam who began his career in the early 2000s in Spartacus. From there, he quickly came in contact with ://about.blank and has been resident DJ there since 2014. His sets are like an odyssee through deep and dark emotions. His is techno with groove that will get you to your feet.


Dash (DUNA)
a DJ from Prague, who started to spin records at eighteen, mainly at free parties and open air shows, had already, in her childhood, a large range of musical experiences. Her friends started to get her interested in turntables, buying records, and practising. Nowadays, she plays with such greats as Dasha Rush in various clubs in Prague, Berlin and Leipzig. Her music is hypnotic, atmospheric, very danceable and amazes us in every new set.


Fred Czital (MMXIV)
is the music head of our friends from MMXIV in Prague. He began early with Djing, has since then continually developed his sound and plays in many clubs among other prominent DJs. MMXIV is the founder of the well-known Warehouse party series „Harmony" in Prague. With his musical choices, it’s not unusual for his two-hour sets to feel like 30 minutes. Hard rhythms, interesting sounds and always hypnotizing.


Fuge (Valian Kollektiv)
more or less a member of the Valian Kollektiv and a very good friend of ours. He comes from and lives in Potsdam and also has a deep connection to Spartacus. He is the promoter of the party series „Rhythm Section" and offers there as well as in his sets a broad spectrum of rhythm music. House, Jazz, Funk, Brasil, Afro and many other genres form a part of his set. Through his love of vinyl he’s got his shit down and will bring you back to long-gone music eras and, of course, to your feet.

Lorenz Lepus (Schakal)
is a Berlin DJ and producer whose love for creating electronic music started relatively late, but has continued unabated since then. He began as resident DJ in Chalet Club and has played since then in many of the city’s famous clubs, including Hoppetosse, Sisyphos and Arena. He is a member of the Berlin label „Schakal" and is a great presence there. His music is composed of atmospheric grooves and interesting and deep melodies.


Stigmer (Valian Kollektiv)

is our youngest member with a fully matured sound. Stigmer has been with the Kollektiv since the beginning and has developed musically at light speed. At the same time, he has developed his love and feeling for polyrhythmic grooves and rough modular sounds. His sets are full of variety and always fit the time and mood.


Valian *live (Valian Kollektiv)

after a long period of separate music-making and performance, the oldest members of the collective, Jamida & Peals Wake, present their new, collaborative project: Valian*Live. Through the combination of their musical styles, they create a mix of acid and dub techno sounds paired with the rough, impulsive and driving drums straight out of analogue machines.



is also a member of MMXIV and killer DJ. Since the discovery of his passion for music, he’s always been intent on improving his skills. His sets are full of impulsive, thundering kick drums and grooving bass lines. At the same time, he is known for telling stories in his sets that never get boring.


> Lights & Installations:

XYZ project

The XYZ project is an art collective and music label based in Prague. Inspired by dystopian ideas and zeitgeist of the 1980s, they are involved in music events in the Czech republic. They strive to create specific atmospheres by working closely with the space as a whole and using mainly old reconstructed lighting systems. The installations are controlled live which enables them to interact with sound on a human level. Expect a well thought-out light concept which will support the vibe of a good techno party in a vivid atmosphere.

Gojo [indigojoints] is an intermedial collective based in prague. Their aim is to set an atmosphere by architecturaly sculptural elements that are mediated by light. Atmosphere varies from place to event thats why gojo is opened wide for residential colab.

>> Awareness ahead <<

Das Awareness-Team, zu erkennen an den Spartacus-Bändchen, wird dazu beitragen, dass es für alle Feiernde eine angenehme Party wird und das Spartacus für alle einen Schutzraum bieten kann. Falls ihr Hilfe braucht und/ oder ihr grenzüberschreitendes Verhalten erlebt oder beobachtet sprecht sie an! Passt aufeinander auf.

The awareness team to recognize by the Spartacus sign around their necks is to help ensure that it will be a pleasant party for all ravers so that the Spartacus provides a shelter for everyone. If you need help and / or experience or witness transboundary behavior talk to them! Take care of each other!

>> Refugees Welcome <<
>> We won't tolerate any Xenophobia <<

much love ♥
euer Valian Kollektiv

es wird ein kleines kino geben :)

Event URL: https://spartacus-potsdam.de?spartacusEvent=2321#e_2321

Streetopia meets Bass, Beats, Futureshit

Freitag, 23:59 Uhr, party

Drum and Bass

Streetopia meets Bass, Beats, Futureshit


Lineup :



65 Shapeshifters


Event URL: https://spartacus-potsdam.de?spartacusEvent=2313#e_2313

Streetopia meets Funkstelle!

Samstag, 23:00 Uhr, party


Streetopia meets Funkstelle!

Streetopia meets Funkstelle!

A funky dance night with yours truly SUGAR COAL and SOFA QUEEN, featuring our homie & local talent SoulDigga (Hip Hop/Funk).

Get ready for some dirty beats, fresh raps and raw grooves!

Expect Powerful Soundsystem! Funky Visuals! Free Mixtapes and Lollipops! T-Shirts for sale!

Event URL: https://spartacus-potsdam.de?spartacusEvent=2368#e_2368

Wer schweben will muss beben

Freitag, 23:00 Uhr, party

Subaltern Records Takeover

Wer schweben will muss beben

Zur letzten Party vor der Sommerpause im Spartacus haben wir uns besondere Gäste eingeladen. Wir freuen uns ein weiteres Mal auf Künstler des Labels Subaltern Records:

Subaltern Records / Albion Collective / NoMad Recordings
// UK

Subaltern Records / Blacklight Audio / Styx Recordings
// NL

Subaltern Records / Dubs Alive / Tuba

Los geht's um 23:00
Die erste Stunde gibt's günstiger!


Die drei Produzenten sind aber nicht nur für die Party in Potsdam. Von 16:00 bis 22:00 werden sie in einem Musikproduktionsworkshop im Freiland zeigen, wie sie ihre Musik produzieren.


Event URL: https://spartacus-potsdam.de?spartacusEvent=2208#e_2208